" Get fit! Get strong! Learn a Martial Art !"

NORTHERN TIGER KENPO (NTK) is a unique martial arts program that is dedicated to hands on and effective combat and self defense training.

SIFU JOHN NASH is the head instructor and owner of Northern Tiger Kenpo. He is former marine with decades of training under Grandmaster Rick Alemany. He holds two seperate 5th degree black belts in Alemany style Kenpo and Ekido Kai Kenpo-Jujitsu founded by Professor Frank R. Ricardo.

Sparring Coach: Sifu Timothy Alemany



"Sifu John Nash is both a great adult and children's teacher of several martial arts disciplines.  He himself has trained with some of the greatest Grandmaster's in the world today most specially our mentor Grandmaster Rick Alemany and can pass down what he's learned to you at the highest level. Whether for self-defense or for students who want to enter tournament fighting, John Nash, is at the top of the game and mentors champions in life.  Simply put, he's a all around top trainer , just being a member of Sifu Nash's dojo makes his students winners.  He schools students in the fist laws of  hardcore Kenpo-Karate and the advanced principals of  Kung fu combined with choice elements of jujitsu and stick fighting.  Sifu  John Nash is truly a knowledgeable teacher with decades of experience and integrity. 

He is more than my friend, over the decades he has been one of my favorite and trusted training partners.  To say he is a dedicated martial arts instructor is a understatement,  he  has walked the long hard journey of a martial arts Master by my side. In fact I have awarded him the rank of Godan (5th degree Black Belt Master Instructor, in Ekido Kai Kenpo Jujitsu), and his Dojo is our west coast head quarters.

He trains himself and his students on the 3 essential levels of power. The first level is the training of ones body as a weapon the second is of training one's mind with the finest martial arts technique, but Master Sifu Nash has indeed reached the third level the one that few other will ever attain, that of the Bushido Spirit and code.  He is one who teaches and stands for others in need and for all things good. He stands for the truth. He trains the body, mind, and spirit and leads others to their own personal greatness! This greatness and spirit you will find in few dojo's in the world today.  Master Sifu John Nash is forever my brother he is the Northern Lion of Ekido Kai Kenpo Jujitsu."

- Professor Frank R. Ricardo (8th Dan Ekido Kai Kenpo Jujitsu)

"John Nash has been interested in the martial arts since he was a young man. While he was in the military he trained with the famous stick fighter Dan Inosanto. He has been a student of mine since the early seventies. He was always interested in teaching and helped teach my students, children and adults alike. He especially has a gift for teaching children. He has a great sense of humor and is loved by his students. He has now achieved his life time goal of owning his own school and with the help of his son Sam, he is training people to better their lives through the martial arts."

-Grandmaster Rick Alemany & Simo Margaret Alemany

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